The Smart Dolly Pack – 800x600mm dolly

This is a new and innovative dolly option from Smartflow plastics, the Smart dolly pack is at its core an 800x600 dolly that can adapt to your requirements. It can be used

  • as a simple dolly
  • as a dolly + boxes (with or without lid on top of the box layers)
  • as a sleeve pack solution ( with a sleeve and  a lid) on wheels
  • as a also use solution with pallet + sleeve + lid and on top of this to add boxes

The returnable plastic solution for your cardboard box.

The new AIC SF800SSP Tripbox allows you to securely and efficiently move your product through your supply chain. The collapsible and lightweight pallet box comes in a standard dimensions of 1200x800x850mm with the ability to have custom heights manufactured subject to MOQ. The unique closure system allows the sleeve to be secured to the pallet base and the lid to be secured to the sleeve ensuring your product is enclosed securely. When empty the pallet box folds down to allow 9 empty boxes to be returned in a pallet space.

What Plastic Pallet?

What Type Of Plastic Pallet Do I Need?

Choosing a plastic pallet is not as straight forward as you might think. All plastic pallets are not created equal! Depending on the application you might go from the cheapest, a lightweight nestable pallet like the AIC SF1000L (See LINK) all the way to the most expensive, a Hygienic plastic pallet, AIC TC3 (See LINK). There are more expensive types out there but they are for specialist applications which we will look at in the next posting.