Plastic pallets as an alternative to timber pallets?

The current timber crisis has put users of timber pallets in an unenviable situation where they are experiencing monthly price hikes and sometimes supply constraints. Now might be the time to look at alternatives.

For some, timber will always be the number one choice for shipping as it is

  • -          Relatively cheap
  • -          Easily made in non-standard sizes
  • -          Gives an excellent load bearing capacity
  • -          Easily recyclable on the other side of the trip


Timber has historically been favored for one-trip purposes however, in some instances a plastic pallet will be the better option. If you are shipping on a one trip basis and are not putting the pallet on a racking system then you will get a plastic pallet cheaper than a timber pallet. One example of the nestable pallet is the AIC SF1000L (See LINK), this is a one trip nestable pallet and will hold a 1000kg evenly distributed load and has the added bonus of being exempt from ISPM15 / heat treating requirements. Other sizes and weight capacities are available.

Multi-trip shipping

If your company has a continuous flow between your customers, you are probably reusing your timber pallet already. A heavy-duty plastic pallet is an alternative that will allow for more trips per pallet with a reduction in the cost per trip. Plastic pallets are easily cleaned and at the end of its useful life be ground down and put into a new recycled pallet!

Plastic pallets will not always be the answer but will be for some applications. Contact us in AIC today to discuss your requirements and see what we can do for you.